Buenos Aires Empanada Bar began when our passion for cooking became a business idea. We have been cooking empanadas alongside our mothers all of our lives, bringing our family traditions to your home. We lived the majority of our lives in Argentina so our empanadas are authentic and prepared in traditional style. In our kitchen we utilize select meats and fine herbs of only the top quality. At the current moment our business focuses on empanadas, soon we will expand our horizons and introduce you to many more Argentine delicacies. 

Empanadas are {a very traditional food you will find in} Latin America and vary by {both)country and region.

[In Argentina] , this difference is due to (Argentina’s meat as Argentina is a main exporter of meat with its many cattle ranches) that the fact that Argentina isis a cattle ranch par excellence, and (so) we know different ways of preparing meats (as meat is a main dish and staple at every family meal) being these the main dish of the family table.

Nothing is eaten without meat at the Argentine table !!!.

After the First World War, Argentina opened (it’s) the doors to countries of all (over) Europe. (Currently) At present 85% of the (Argentina’s) population (descends from )comes from foreign countries, mostly European.

The (many) different European colonies enriched our culture (and) by highly influencing (ed) the (our) culinary art.

   Empanadas are originally from Spain and were served as far back as the Middle Ages and spread to Latin America after its colonization) of Latin AmericaThe empanada originated from Spain from the medieval era but after colonization in 1492 it has spread throughout Latin America.

   In (the case of X)Argentina, (the) empanadas is (characterized X) known mainly as {being made with} juicy beef with (and) fresh vegetables (and) (although we also) (but we make them) then (incorporating X) those of chicken and other regional (products X) {foods}.

The combination of Italian and French recipes (produces a delicate and light dough that we use to wrap our ingredients ) gave rise to delicate masses that wrap the ingredients giving a characteristic touch of our Country. One of the examples are the baked empanadas with (that can be made with) artisan, traditional, and pastry dough.

   The variety (of Empanadas we offer )is quite wide, can be beef, chicken, ham and cheese or tuna.

(We also offer vegetarian options such as Empanadas of:) And for our vegetarian clients we also offer spinach and béchamel sauce, Spinach, feta and parmesan cheese, and humita (empanadas with)Humita: corn, onion and béchamel sauce.

Most of the (RECIPES oX) Buenos Aires BAR Empanada (recipes were ) are learned in our (a ) family tradition.  (After) When arriving in this country our food was (also) influenced by its culture and has challenged us to create empanadas with products (produce) that abound in Chester country (as well as meat that is more typical of the us) for (which is why we) that we also offer the pies (empanadas made with) of mushrooms, corn, spinach, ground beef, and turkey.

Today we are happy to join Artisan Exchange to bring (you) our empanadas from our kitchen to your table.